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Vital Health® Power Oral Care System - Battery

  • 10 Vital Oral Health Benefits
  • Complete Oral Care Solution in one kit – Brush – Floss – Care
  • Ideal for Braces, bridges and crowns
  • Outstanding Value!


  • Advanced Dual Motion Cleaning Action!
  • Top Oscillating Brush head surrounds each tooth to thoroughly clean and polish teeth
  • Bottom bristles move back and forth to help break up plaque and clean between teeth
  • 2 Dual Motion Replacement heads (Fully tufted with Dupont Tynex bristles) included
  • Easy to use on & off buttons
  • Premium rubber comfort grips
  • 2 ‘AA’ Alkaline Batteries included

Available at most Walmart and Target stores in Canada for around $8.00.

Power Arm Kit Includes:

  • 2 Sulcus Tip attachments help clean between teeth and along the gum line
  • 1 Gum Stimulator helps firm and strengthen gums
  • 20 Floss Heads help clean between teeth

To watch a video on “How to Use” and “Learn more” about the Vital Health Oral Care System click here.

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